Miletree Center

Miletree Center
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4out of 5 - 42 Customer Satisfaction Ratings

825 Summit Street, Spencer, WV 25276

Awards and Affiliations
CMS 3-Star RN Staffing
AHCA Bronze 2010
Reputation 800 Award

Miletree Center is a skilled nursing facility offering post-hospital, short-term rehabilitation as well as long-term and respite care.  We accept Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances. Our staff is dedicated to serving the medical and rehabilitation needs of individuals recovering from illness or injury.  Miletree Center is an AHCA Bronze Quality Award Winner!

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Dear Patients, Residents and Families

Ensuring Everyone Has a Happy Holiday!
As the holidays approach, we want to make sure everyone stays healthy. Many seasonal illnesses, including influenza, make their rounds this time of year. Historically influenza has caused illness, hospitalization and death. The current year's flu cases are rapidly increasing.
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