Langdon Place of Dover

Girl Scout Troop From 1944-1955 Reunion at Langdon Place of Dover

Dover, NH – Yesterday was a mini reunion for 4 former Girl Scouts who were part of Girl Scout Troop 2 out of Rochester, NH from 1944-1955. 

Hosted by Mary Newhall, a resident at Langdon Place of Dover, the four ladies brought their Girl Scout scrapbooks with clippings and photos from their tenure as Girl Scouts from the Curved Bar Girl Scout Troop and shared numerous memories.

Connie King, Arlene Peabody and Nancy Maher were part of the original troop.  All the ladies graduated in 1955 from high school in Rochester.  There were originally twelve ladies in the Troop.

In 1955, the Troop became the first Girl Scout Troop in the State of NH to be graduated from the Girl Scouts.

During a trip over April Vacation in 1953 to Washington, DC, the Troop toured the White House and was fortunate to meet Mamie Eisenhower, then First Lady, in the Rose Garden.  They remembered seeing young David Eisenhower playing outside.  They shook hands with Mamie who remarked to them after seeing their sashes laden with Girl Scout badges, “You have more gold stars than my General (husband Dwight David Eisenhower)”. 

The ladies meet regularly to reminisce and celebrate their friendship.  Some members of the original Troop have since departed, but the remaining members bring their sashes and remember how they earned their badges and the community service they gave to Rochester.

Any other original members of Troop 2 who want to meet should reach out to Langdon Place of Dover and they will put them in touch with these four original members.

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