Exeter Center

We're proud to announce our Wound Consultant, John P. Griffin MD

A native New Englander, Dr. Griffin received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion and in Psychology from Syracuse University. He earned his Medical Degree from Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia in 2001.

Dr. Griffin is board-certified in General Surgery. He is also a Certified Wound Specialist Physician through the American Board of Wound Management. He currently performs full-time duties for Advantage Surgical and Wound Care as Medical Director for New England.

Dr. Griffin holds an academic appointment with the University of New England as Medical Director of the Physician Assistant Program.

Dr. Griffin also serves on the Board of Directors at LearningWorks in Portland, Maine, a non-profit educational organization that provides a range of opportunities and support for at-risk and underserved youth, as well as adult new arrivals to the United States.