In Our Care

The majority of Genesis' locations are designed for patients with short-stay as well as residents with long-term care needs. For some, we form a bridge between the hospital and the return home. For others, we provide extended specialty services.

Most importantly, we are focused on creating the right environment for you. Our comprehensive, interdisciplinary staff is only one component of the Genesis team that is dedicated to your recovery. Everyone in our Center, from the receptionist to the Dietary and Housekeeping staff, is devoted to your vitality, happiness and well-being.

It All Starts with You

You and your family are the most important members of the Genesis team. We will be working with you to establish goals and expectations for your stay.

Medical Team
Each Center’s Medical Director supports your personal attending physician who will manage your medical needs. Specialty physician services may include consultations by a Geriatrician, Rehabilitation Specialist, Cardiologist, Orthopedist or Pulmonologist. We will establish ongoing communication with your personal physician to ensure a continuum of care that will lead to your discharge home.

Licensed and Certified Nursing Staff
Our licensed nursing staff will participate in designing and implementing your personalized care plan. And our Certified Nursing Assistants will help you, around the clock, with your personal needs.

Rehabilitation Therapy Team
Your Rehabilitation Therapist is focused on delivering all levels of physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy to meet your needs. Our nursing staff will work closely with your therapist to promote your independence and safety with your activities of daily living.

Physical Therapists
Your Physical Therapist helps you to return to your best level of physical freedom. Your therapist will help you with balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and endurance.

Occupational Therapists
Your Occupational Therapist focuses upon improving independence in bathing/toileting, dressing, grooming and meal preparation.

Speech-Language Therapists
Your Speech Therapist focuses on improving communication and swallowing. These treatments are designed to address problems with speech and language as well as cognitive skills.

Respiratory Therapists
Your Respiratory Therapist will provide interventions and education to promote better breathing.

Social Service
A Social Service Specialist will be your information resource, supporting you and your family during your stay and answering any questions you may have. Our Social Service Specialist will facilitate discharge planning,including the coordination of home services, equipment needs and community services. This person will follow up to ensure your transition home has been smooth and to confirm that any planned home health services are in place.

What to Expect

Your Health Evaluation
During the admission process, you can expect a health evaluation which will include a physical assessment, review of available hospital records, and conversation about your past medical history. This admission assessment is performed by the clinical care team and may include the Nurse Practitioner and/or the Attending Physician. Other staff that may be reviewing your medical and rehabilitation needs include Nurses, Therapists, Dietary personnel, Respiratory Therapists and a Social Service Specialist.

At Genesis, age is an accomplishment, not a barrier. We know that many people place arbitrary limitations on themselves or others based purely on age. You won’t find this with Genesis. We celebrate the achievement of those who have faced and overcome challenges over a long lifetime. It is our objective to support you and partner with you as you continue to pursue your goals.

Ongoing Communication
Throughout your stay, you will be asked to take an active part in designing your specialized plan of care. Your needs will be assessed at ongoing intervals in a variety of forums.

Patient Conferences will take place throughout your stay. Your Genesis team will meet with you to discuss your progress and goals.

Family Meetings will facilitate a discussion about your progress and plans for future care.

We value you and your family’s participation as part of the team and look forward to working with you.

Progress Discussions occur on an ongoing basis with each team member to determine how well you are doing meeting your goals. We recommend that youappoint one designee, either a family member or loved one, to meet with us about your progress. We value clear communication with you and your appointee.

Stay Connected

You can benefit tremendously from the Internet. Stay in touch with loved ones, join clubs, and even meet new friends - all online while you are with us.

Contact your Center’s Recreation Specialist to learn more about how to:

• Locate computer stations

• Take advantage of training workshops

• Set-up a personal e-mail account

Other services available at our centers*:

Mail, gifts and flowers
Mail, flowers, and gifts are delivered daily to patient rooms. To avoid delays in receiving mail, please indicate to friends and family the name of your Genesis HealthCare Center, as well as your room number. Our Recreation staff is available to assist you with outgoing mail, including postage. Mail received after your discharge will be forwarded to the address provided on your admission form.

Meals and food
Complete meals or snacks are available seven days a week. You will be encouraged to use the Café for meals but meals can also be delivered to your room. Your meals are prepared according to the diet prescribed by your physician with all food preparation supervised by a registered dietitian. Vending machines also offer snack foods, candy, and beverages 24 hours a day.

Visitors are welcome to join you for meals. Reservations for guest meals should be directed to the Center’s Receptionist.

Money and valuables
You may wish to keep a small amount of money for a newspaper, stamps, or a Gift Shop purchase. Large sums of money and valuables are best kept at home.

The local newspaper is delivered to the center Monday through Saturday.

A telephone may be provided for your convenience. Please contact the Business Office Manager or designee regarding cost and payment requirements. There are pay telephones located in the Center or you can use a cell phone.

A television may be provided for your convenience. Please contact the Business Office Manager or designee regarding the cost and availability. A television is also provided without charge for your viewing in the lounge.

Gift shop
Volunteer staff manage the Gift Shop. You may purchase personal care items, gifts, greeting cards, candy, magazines, and books. All Gift Shop proceeds are donated to the center to improve and enhance patient services.

Salon and Spa Services
A barber/beautician is available by appointment at the center. You’ll be able to schedule an appointment by contacting your nurse. The cost for these services is provided to you at the time of admission.

* Varies by location