Vaccination Rate Info

Resident and staff COVID-19 vaccination rates by facility include those residents and staff members that received dose one of the COVID-19 vaccine at any of each center’s three vaccine clinics, through the Pharmacy Partnership for Long Term Care program.  

Center COVID-19 administration rates can be understood within the context of the CDC announcement that “among 11,460 SNFs with at least one vaccination clinic conducted during the first month of the CDC Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program, a median of 77.8% of residents and 37.5% of staff members received ≥1 vaccine dose through the program.” Overall Genesis staff vaccine acceptance rates far exceed this national average, and resident acceptance rates are also above the national average.

We are so extraordinarily proud of the progress our centers have made vaccinating both residents and staff. These acceptance rates are a testament to the hard work and dedication our leadership and center staff have shown throughout this entire pandemic. 

We continue our robust communications and engagement initiatives to build trust among patients, residents, families and staff. Genesis has conducted ‘Ask the Doc’ sessions, social media campaigns, educational outreach, and a variety of other engagement tactics to promote vaccination. We expect acceptance rates to continue to climb.