San Juan Center

Engaging Quality of Life - $46,000!

The San Juan Center is excited to announce that a grant has been secured in the amount of $46,000 to bring the EQOL (Engaging Quality of Life) project to the residents of the Center. The EQOL project uses “It’s Never 2 Late” (iN2L), a technology-based activity program that supplements the Center’s current activity programming. The EQOL project utilizes fully mobile/accessible touchscreen monitors to deliver a wide variety of engaging acti...vities to residents of all functional abilities. There are literally thousands of applications available with the EQOL project that could engage the unique interests of a diverse resident population.

The Center is using the EQOL project in structured group activities, during 1-on-1 individual activities, as a tool to promote interactions between volunteers, family members, staff, and residents, to engage residents in therapy and restorative programming, and as an option for residents who are self-directed in their activities and would like to use the system.

This project will continue to improve the quality of life of the Center’s residents through meaningful activities. We invite you to come to the Center and check it out!