Have you ever considered purchasing or using a wearable activity tracker? While you're likely aware of the basic step and calorie-counting features of wearable exercise trackers, you may not know the additional ways these little gadgets can be
better used to their advantage.

Use the buddy system.
Many fitness tracker companies offer companion apps and social features that allow you to share your fitness data with friends. This is a great way for positive reinforcement and motivation. For example, Fitbit states that users who work out with at least one friend take a total of 27% more steps than those who do not. Plus, exercising with friends or following each other's progress not only helps you increase your physical activity level, but it also makes the process of getting fit a fun one.

Leave room for technological errors when tracking your steps.
Time Magazine notes that because fitness trackers regularly pick up small motions as exercise, they may overestimate the number of steps that you are taking per day. The easiest way to counteract this effect is to set your goals a bit higher than normal. For instance, if you would like to take 10,000 steps per day, aim for 12,000 steps as counted by your exercise tracker.

Pair your tracker with another helpful fitness tool.
Many exercise trackers can sync with outside apps made available for download on your smartphone, such as MapMyRun. This app records your running distance and time using GPS data. By pairing the number of steps you have taken with data from other activity and health apps, you can gain a better picture of your health and fitness efforts. Most apps come with simple instructions on how to sync to your fitness tracker, but you can always contact the manufacturer for advice.

Stay motivated!
While owning a new exercise tracker can be fun for the first few months, users may find themselves losing interest after the initial excitement of purchasing wears off. Gaining this interest back is more difficult than continuously working to stay in the zone from the beginning. Stay committed to exercising by using your fitness tracker's added lifestyle features found online or in the app, for things such as goal setting and milestone rewards. 

A fitness tracker can be a great addition to your daily life if you use it wisely. With a variety of options available, do your research to find the perfect workout gadget for you.