3 Dementia-Friendly Summer Crafts To Try Out! 

Crafts can be a great way to keep both minds and hands busy and to provide meaningful moments of joy for those living with dementia. Our team compiled a short list of crafts you can try with your loved ones when you are looking for something to do while avoiding the summer heat. 

Here are some dementia-friendly summer crafts:

1. Suncatchers. Suncatchers are one of the simplest ways to bring a little sunshine into any space! All that is needed is clear contact paper, tissue paper in summery shades, and a black marker.
For this project, draw a few shapes such as butterflies, flowers or anything else you’d like. Have your loved one trace the shape with the black marker. Then, cut out the shapes from the contact paper and let them apply the tissue paper to the shape. Place the completed suncatcher in the window and watch it glow in the sunlight!


2. Summer-themed collages. What better way to encapsulate summer memories than with a collage! To make a summer-themed collage, gather some colorful magazines and scissors. Cut out pictures of all the things summer -- beach scenes, swimming, barbecues, bikes, boats, ice cream, and more. You and your loved one can work together to arrange the pieces however you wish and glue them down with craft glue.This will surely be a fun and creative activity where the result will be a unique work of art!

summer themed collages

3. Painted Handprints. This is a fun way to capture a moment in time that can be cherished for years to come. Spread some newspaper outside and find a suitable background for the handprint—whether that’s the ground, a fence, a stepping stone, paper, or something else. Provide bright paints and encourage your loved one to press their hand in the paint and then onto the chosen background. This will be a whimsical, festive reminder of a time in the summer sun, that is a great textured fun experience for them.

painted handprints

No matter which craft activity is chosen, the important thing is that time is taken to enjoy meaningful moments of creation and connection together.