While we may be a distance from your home, give your family member the best chance to regain their vitality.

Genesis offers one of only four free-standing skilled nursing facilities in the nation devoted to the care of patients with an acquired brain injury. Millions of Americans suffer brain trauma each year, mostly from car crashes, falls, violence, and sports accidents. Many of them suffer severe brain damage that causes long-term debilitation from strokes, tumors, anoxia, and other non-congenital brain injuries. Many more are unaware they've been injured, and experience more subtle symptoms like disorientation, headaches, memory loss, and personality changes.

Offered only at RiverRidge Center in Maine, we offer:

  • Brain Injury Inpatient Rehabilitation
  • Outpatient Neurorehabilitation
  • Residential Care

Our specially trained clinical staff, including physicians, case managers, therapists and nurses, set aggressive goals and establish treatment plans based on each patient's neurological diagnosis.  We continuously evaluate results and progress to help patients recover their physical, communicative and cognitive abilities, while emphasizing a renewed sense of accomplishment, self-esteem and control. RiverRidge Center is CARF Accredited.