While I hope no one is ever in my shoes, I felt SO strongly about my experience at The Earlwood Care Center, I decided to write a review. 

AFTER 30 days in ICU at Little Company Of Mary, Torrance, (I was hit by a car while walking on the sidewalk near my home )I was FINALLY taken by ambulance to my skilled nursing care facility. Very fast trip and very comfortable arriving at the Earlwood Care Center in less then 10 Min. (Outstanding!). My very first impression was excellent The front area was not only clean but well lit AND INVITING! MY first impression INSIDE was WOW!!! OUTSTANDING. Well decorated, and even a few other things that made it warm and home like. (I don't have many pictures, because I want to respect people's privacy). I came in by gurney and was briefly stopped at the admissions station. Things could NOT have gone smoother, I was settled into a bed and before you knew it, the head nurse was giving me an evaluation. Once I was settled, my things put away in drawers, my phones plugged in to charge on my night stand. A wheelchair and walker were assigned to me and my medication was given to me,  just as prescribed by my Dr.  I was transferred to to my bed, which was READY. The room was large, holds 3 I think, but there was plenty of room. The whole facility smells CLEAN, LOOKS CLEAN. Laundry was all ckean and white and the caregivers are ALWAYS washing their hands. Lots of smiles. The place was decorated nicely for the holidays, and the food is REALLY GOOD!  The staff are OUTGOING, fun, and most of all PROFESSIONALS !!! That take the time to explain EVERYTHING, MORE than that, THEY LISTEN. I have only been here a short time, but I know I won't be here long. Their PT room, which is just down the hall from my room, has some of the best equipment money can buy, and even the PT staff are understanding. Encouraging me to do my best but also not letting me do TOO much. They get you back into a healthy rythem, it's a good balance. The nursing staff are a huge part of this world. I would PERSONALLY like to  thank "TY," A very nice and articulate young African American gentleman, he worked with me that very first night and set the tone to what has become a very good relationship, one where i'm inspired to work hard, and can see a healthy ME in the future because of his advice and help. (I say "Articulate" what I really mean is he took the time to TALK TO ME...not at me. He explained about the facility and answered all of my questions,)RE: MY Meds, other idea's  to keep me comfortable.he even got me a cuppa COFFEE! This guy not only has a huge heart but outstanding bed side manner. His fort'e is COMPASSION. When I came to Earlwood I was expecting to be ignored, just another NUMBER on a bed, like most care homes. not the case here, so PLEASE let Ty know and more than that, please put a note in his file. He deserves more than what I can write here. "Sharon" (What a GREAT PERSONALITY,) outgoing, answering my questions, AGAIN going over and above making me feel comfortable. Helping me to learn the hospital ways. Agnes. A NURSE,  was also exemplary in her care for me, AGAIN A huge Thank you.  EVERY one of them, in fact the entire staff made me feel right at home!!


Meds always on time, ☆☆☆☆☆EXCEPT WITH ONE MAJOR MEDICATION OF MINE THAT after talk after talk after talk, they still can't fix the issue, which is frustrating and I'm suffering because if it, I finally just gave up, maybe we can work that out if you reach out to me)☆☆☆☆☆, But it's not the main reason I am writing) if you hit the call light, they always come right away, AND THEY help out RIGHT AWAY!!!


If your looking for a place for a loved one, this may be it. It feels like home, but run by professionals. They are very VERY attentive, and don't make you feel like your bothering them if you hit the CALL button. They check in OFTEN, they let you sleep if you need it, the PT Team will work positively with you without forcing you to do MORE than you feel comfortable doing., and they heal. A big THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I have never felt more comfortable in a hospital setting. A copy of this has been 'CC'D To George V. Hager Jr. (CEO Of Genesis, AND PARENT CO to Earlwood,)as well to Tom Divittorio ( Sr. CO and CFO) AND BOARD MEMBER Jason H. FEUERMAN. I hope that this business, a TRUE asset to our community continues with the care that I so personally have experienced I'm STILL AT Earlwood CARE NOW IN ROOM 28 bed 1. My recovery will be long. But under the care of The staff at Earlwood, I feel it will be successful and I'll be back on my feet in no time. THANK YOU EARLWOOD, IF I COULD DO 10 STARS I WOULD!!!  - Ethan J. Platteborze