Groton Regency

Absentee Voting for Nurses Homes

Under the state's absentee voting laws, registars of voters or their designees can supervise absentee voting at nursing homes and other residential care facilities. Patients at such facilities need not submit absentee ballot applications when a supervised session is scheduled. The sessions are optional or mandatory, depending on the number of patients who are registered voters at the facility; where there are at least 20 who are voters in the town, the registrars must conduct a session. Registrars or their designees together deliver the ballots and jointly supervise voters filling out the ballots. The voter has the right to complete his ballot in secret, but registrars observe the process and are available to provide assistance if asked. In that case, both parties' registrars jointly render assistance. They must reject the ballot if the voter decides not to vote or if they are unable to determine for whom the person wants to vote.