Grandview Center

A Minute with our Medical Director

“My name is Dr. Michael Klufas and I have been a practicing physician for over 37 years and have been the medical director at Grandview Center for 15 years. With the COVID-19 Pandemic continuing in many areas throughout the United States, we have put protocols and precautions in place to keep our admitting patients and our long term residents as safe as possible. First, all of our patients are admitted to a dedicated Admission Observation Unit for 14 days where they are closely monitored and tested for COVID-19. Second, Employees have been trained in the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and infection control guidelines. I encourage everyone to PPE, because there is exposure no matter where you go. Third, all employees are tested for Covid-19 on a regular basis and are screened for temperature and symptoms every shift, and only work if they pass this clinical screening process. Everyone gets screened everywhere you go, and it is the best way to keep yourself and everyone around you safe. By following guidance from the RI DPH and CDC, our goal at Grandview is to provide high quality rehabilitation and medical care in a Covid free environment.”