Coronavirus Updates 11/07/2022

Dear Patients, Residents and Families,

Bivalent COVID Booster & Flu Shots Now Available
As we mentioned last month, the FDA has approved the new Pfizer and Moderna Bivalent COVID Vaccines as a single booster dose. The new U.S. boosters are combination, or “bivalent,” shots. The bivalent vaccines, which are referred to as “updated boosters,” contain two variants of the COVID-19 virus, one of the original strain and the other one from omicron BA.4 and BA.5 variants. The combination aims to increase cross-protection against multiple variants.

Our pharmacy now has supply of both the bivalent vaccine and the seasonal flu shot. We are encouraging all patients, residents and staff to receive the COVID vaccine, whether a primary series vaccination or newly approved bivalent booster dose, as well as the flu shot as soon as possible. It is the best way to stop the spread of COVID and the flu, and protects our most vulnerable patients and residents. If you are interested in having your loved one receive their shots, please reach out to a member of their care team as soon as possible.

As a reminder, you can visit your Center’s web page for daily updates on visitation and vaccination rates at:


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