Coronavirus Update 11/24/2020

As we plan for this year’s fall and winter holiday celebrations, safety remains our primary focus as we work to protect your loved ones, our staff, and families. This year we will all be celebrating differently as celebrations will not be in large gatherings.  Unfortunately we will not be able to offer opportunities for families to share meals within the Center with loved ones or large resident and family gatherings. As recommended by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), a federal regulatory agency, we also strongly discourage resident Leaves of Absence, to protect both the resident who might be exposed to coronavirus when outside the Center, as well as all other residents when somebody returns from a leave of absence.

We understand that this is a change, and our team will make every effort to create a special holiday experience for your loved ones. We will be celebrating an extended holiday season to provide residents and families ample engagement opportunities given the current COVID-19 restrictions.  Our schedule is as follows:

Thanksgiving Thanksgiving - Sunday, 11/22/20 thru Sunday, 11/29/20

Hanukkah Hanukkah - Friday, 12/11/20 thru  Friday, 12/18/20

Christmas Christmas/Kwanzaa/New Years - Sunday, 12/20/20 thru 1/3/21


Every location’s Center Recreation Director will provide an overview of the Center’s holiday celebration plans in the coming weeks, but we also encourage you to reach out to them directly with any additional celebration suggestions. We also encourage families to take advantage of virtual visits as they are even more important to our residents and patients over the holidays. Please reach out to the Center Recreation Director to schedule your virtual visits in advance.


Wishing all of our patients, residents, families and staff members a safe and joyous holiday season!