Coronavirus Update 07/27/2020

Since we are several months into the COVID-19 pandemic, we would like to take a few moments to convey our ongoing commitment to keeping our patients and residents safe. As COVID-19 continues to impact the country, we would like to share some of the steps we continue to take to help keep everyone safe, even as we admit new patients and residents:

  • At Genesis, we have created Admissions Observation Units in our affiliated centers so that new patients can be admitted to the building safely following a rigorous pre-screening process. Patients receive temperature checks, are monitored for changes in condition and are tested for COVID-19 at several intervals during their 14 day stay on the unit.

  • Dedicated staff members are assigned to these separate admissions observation units and are trained in the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and proactive clinical infection control guidelines. All staff members are screened for temperature and other symptoms every shift, work only if they pass this clinical screening process, and are tested for COVID-19 on a regular basis. In fact, we have gone above and beyond state and federal requirements to test our residents and staff members frequently, as it is the best way to protect our residents from the virus.

  • All affiliated Genesis locations have an Infection Control Specialist focused on infection control procedures, as well as staff education. This focus has resulted in 94% of our affiliated centers achieving a “zero deficiency rating” on infection control surveys conducted by state and federal officials during the pandemic.

  • We also use a “high touch” cleaning checklist to ensure our patients’ and residents’ safety. This includes sanitizing equipment, patient/resident rooms and common areas.  We use EPA approved disinfectants that are effective against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and other microorganisms. Any equipment or devices that are shared, are cleaned and disinfected between each resident’s use. 

  • Finally, we remain committed to keeping our patients and residents connected with their loved ones. Some states are already allowing visitation outside for residents without symptoms. In those cases, visitors and residents must wear masks, practice safe social distancing, and visitors are screened prior to the visit - including a temperature check. Visits are pre-scheduled and staff trained on appropriate precautions are present to assist with the visits. 

  • In states where outside visitation is not yet available or for those who cannot visit outside in approved states, we still have the ability for families and loved ones to connect via video conferencing calls using Zoom technology, and we update families via regular video conference calls.

Thank you to all our patients, residents and their families for their continued trust and support during this challenging time.