Coronavirus update 05/29/2020

Coronavirus pandemic update May 29th, 2020

Pausing for a note of thanks 

While we are not at the end of this pandemic, we wanted to take a moment and express our thanks. We have much to be grateful for. We are thankful to our employees; to federal and state governments; to our partners; and to our patients, residents and their families. 

Since the first COVID-19 case surfaced in one of our centers nearly 2.5 months ago, we have witnessed the incredible heroism, resolve and sacrifice of our more than 50,000 frontline caregivers and workers fighting this pandemic. We have seen extraordinary leadership, ingenuity, creativity and teamwork among our regional and corporate staff who are supporting the efforts on the ground. Despite the inconceivable challenges facing our centers, they continue to provide compassionate care to our frail and vulnerable seniors who have been isolated from their families and loved ones for months. 

I am extremely proud and humbled by the way our employees have risen to the occasion and the leadership role Genesis is playing in partnership with the President’s Administration, public health officials at the federal, state and local levels, our peers and partners in the industry, as well as the academic community. They have improved hundreds of thousands of lives in ways that could never be measured by numbers and statistics. They have earned our respect. They are true heroes. 

We are also thankful and appreciative of the swift and significant financial support provided to our industry by the President and his Administration, as well as many state governments. In particular, I would like to thank HHS Secretary Azar and Deputy Secretary Hargan for engaging with industry leaders to better understand our needs on the ground as we fight this deadly virus together. It is no secret that this industry has been chronically underfunded for decades and was in a frail financial state before the onset of Coronavirus. Largely through programs created or expanded under the CARES Act, we have received and have been able to access resources needed to pay for the escalating costs and lost revenue caused by the pandemic. 

As the effects of the pandemic evolve in the coming months, we will continue to work closely with elected officials and the President’s Administration to thoughtfully articulate the resource needs of our industry so that collectively we can continue to fulfill our responsibilities to our seniors and care workers. 

Thank you, too, to our partners at the health systems and hospitals dealing with the acute care needs of those suffering from COVID-19. And to the labs working with us and others to resourcefully help handle crushing volumes of tests in often impossible circumstances. To the staffing agencies for juggling pressing needs to temporarily replace healthcare workers who have become ill or needed to be absent for other reasons. To our hospice providers for their unwavering compassion. To our personal protective gear suppliers. Thank you! 

Finally, we owe an enormous debt of gratitude to our patients, residents and families for their patience, fortitude and support in the face of this terrible virus. For their understanding, despite the frustration and heartache of separation and uncertainty no matter how much video, phone and electronic communication they have had with their loved one and our centers. No one ever thought we would go through this kind of global pandemic. 

So, thank you, all. We have no illusions about the task ahead as a nation and as each state embarks on cautious re-opening. We will continue to support our mission: to improve the lives we touch through the delivery of high-quality healthcare and everyday compassion. 

Dr. Richard Feifer 
Chief Medical Officer 
Genesis HealthCare