Center Visitation Status

Center Visitation Status

As the pandemic continues, we understand the importance of connecting with and visiting your loved ones. Please know that we are doing everything possible to provide you with visitation access to your loved ones in accordance with regulations and safe practices.

Because visitation is so important, we have started to update each center’s web page with its current visitation policy. There are three possible visitation options: Compassionate Care Visitation, Outdoor Visitation or Indoor Visitation. Compassionate Care Visitation is indoor visitation for family in end of life situations only. Outdoor visitation includes socially distant, masked visits with your loved one outside. Note, outdoor visitation is weather dependent and does not apply to closed window visits. Typically, closed window visits can occur at any time. And indoor visitation is visitation indoors in a central location such as a lobby or common space. In some cases, in-room visits would be permitted.  Weather permitting, outdoor visitation is preferred over indoor visitation.

The type of visitation is determined based on analytic tools we developed to track the risk of COVID transmission in each local community.  We have tailored center-specific precautions and protocols to adapt to these community risk levels. When rates of local community transmission are HIGHER, centers are more restrictive with precautions. When community transmission is LOWER, centers continue good practices of infection control - social distancing, mask wearing and frequent hand washing - but we may be able to flex precautions (subject to state and local rules and regulations) in areas that are extremely important to our residents and their families, including visitation. 

All center web pages will be updated daily by 6:00am with the current visitation policy  Please refer to the website daily for your latest information.

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