Genesis Values the Contributions Employees Make through Genesis Speaks and People Plans

At Genesis, employees are empowered to tell the organization and its leaders what they think. Through an employee engagement process called Genesis Speaks, employees can participate in the following activities to ensure that their input has impact:

  • Invitation into a regular and confidential Genesis Speaks Employee Engagement survey process conducted by IBM
  • Provided feedback by local leaders on the results of the survey
  • Inclusion in building and sustaining a People Plan for locations and/or departments to strengthen employee engagement outcomes on an electronic dashboard ( locations like Aspen Center, CO at right also provide their own visible bulletin board)
  • Ongoing discussion and dialogue to ensure the positive change sticks

Through this process, Genesis is proud to share that 100% of center locations are working on People Plans to drive employee engagement higher. A focal point for the company at large through last year’s survey results is to further strengthen how we value employees’ contributions. We are happy to say in a recent pulse survey conducted in September 2014 that employees are seeing a noticeable improvement. Genesis continues to focus on recognizing and valuing our employees as job number 1. Said best by our Chief Operating Officer Mike Reitz: “When you focus on the people first, the numbers and the outcomes will follow.”

Genesis looks forward to inviting Skilled employees into the Genesis Speaks process and hearing what you have to say.