Introducing the New Brand of Genesis

Healthcare is rapidly changing. This is especially true for post-acute providers like Genesis. New healthcare regulations are restructuring the way hospitals and post-acute providers are working together and Genesis is evolving to meet these changes with innovative programs and collaborations that benefit our patients. To better reflect how we are evolving in this new environment, we must also refresh our brand.

It’s much more than a color change or new logo. The new Genesis brand is about our dedication to keeping our patients vital and full of life as much as possible no matter what their clinical condition. Our new look reflects our brand of Vitality. As such, our new logo symbolizes a movement forward and upward for the better.

What to expect in the coming months

As we transition toward this new brand, you’ll see all kinds of refreshed changes throughout the company. On the surface, you may see new colors and other day-to-day touches. But there will also be new advertising and marketing materials throughout the company and plans to incorporate vitality throughout our programs and practices.

Our message of unity that looks towards reinventing the industry

Not only is the brand for customers and their loved ones, it is for the larger community, investors and for ourselves. We are no longer a collection of skilled nursing facilities but a single entity that can utilize expertise and resources from across the country to provide the best care possible. With vitality as our brand along with important operational initiatives, Genesis is making a national leadership commitment to change the culture and stigma associated with skilled nursing facilities. It unites all of Genesis’ properties including recent acquisitions into a single brand therefore giving customers greater reasons to choose Genesis.

Thank you

Thank you for your support as we evolve in the new world of healthcare. Look for more updates in the coming months.

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