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Resource Guide for Low Back Pain and Sciatica


Address: 6300 N River RD Rosemont, Illinois 60018-4262

Phone: 1-847-823-7186

Internet address:

Description of services provided: This website provides information about back care, exercises to strengthen the back and abdomen, proper lifting techniques, and back surgery.


Address: 5550 Meadowbrook DR Rolling Meadows, IL 60008

Internet address:

Description of services provided: This website provides information about back care and back surgery.


Address: Information Clearinghouse National Institutes of Health 1 AMS Circle Bethesda, MD 20892-3675

Phone: 1-301-495-4484 1-877-226-4267 (toll-free)

Email address:

Internet address:

Description of services provided: This NIH government site provides access to clinical trials, online information on a variety of medical conditions, paper publications that can be ordered, and scientific developments.


Address: PO Box 850 Rocklin, CA 95677

Phone: 800-533-5231

Email form:

Internet address:

Description of services provided: With a mission to educate and increase awareness about chronic pain, this organization provides top new stories and feature articles. Major topics include strategies to manage chronic pain, a support group called "growing pains," resources, video clips from the ACPA's series "Pathways Through Pain," and frequently asked questions. Professionals and caretakers will also find helpful information on this website.


Address: 210 N Charles ST Suite 710 Baltimore MD 21201

Phone: 888-615–PAIN

Internet address:

Description of services provided: The American Pain Association provides assistance for patients living with chronic pain, including networking, resources, and online information.

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