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Treatments for Hodgkin Lymphoma

Treatment depends on the stage and extent of disease, past treatments, symptoms, age, and overall health. For most, the treatment goal is a cure, where the cancer is eliminated. If lymphoma can not be cured, treatment will focus on destroying cancer cells, slowing disease progression, and managing symptoms.
The treatment and management of lymphoma may include a combination of treatments including radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or both. If the cancer does not respond to chemo- or radiation therapy, other treatment options may include bone marrow or peripheral stem cell transplants.
The healthcare team will be made up of a variety of health professionals including doctors, surgeons, nurses, and pharmacists. It is important to maintain contact with your medical team, adhere to recommended treatment, and go to any recommended appointments for best outcomes possible.
Hodgkin lymphoma treatment may include:
ChemotherapyRadiationMedicationsLifestyle changesOther treatments
Research studies help to determine whether or not new treatments are both safe and effective. If current treatment is not effective for your type of cancer you may wish to ask your doctor if you should consider participating in a clinical trial. You can find out about clinical trials at the US National Institutes of Health website.


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