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Treatments for Breast Cancer

The goal of treatment is to remove as much of the cancer as possible, while preserving the as much of the breast and its function. Additional treatment may help to prevent the spread or recurrence of cancer. The treatment plan will often involve a combination of approaches based on the characteristics of the cancer, woman's age, general health, and prognosis. Treatment for advanced stages may include management of symptoms for comfort measures.
The healthcare team will be made up of a variety of health professionals including doctors, surgeons, nurses, and pharmacists. It is important to maintain contact with your medical team, adhere to recommended treatment, and go to any recommended appointments for best outcomes possible.
Breast cancer treatment includes:
SurgeryRadiation therapyChemotherapyLifestyle changesHormonal therapyMedicationsOther treatments
Existing treatment protocols have been established and continue to be modified through clinical trials. These research studies are essential to determine whether or not new treatments are both safe and effective. Since highly effective treatments for many cancers remain unknown, numerous clinical trials are always underway around the world. You may wish to ask your doctor if you should consider participating in a clinical trial. You can find out about clinical trials at the US National Institutes of Health website.


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