A Lean Six Sigma Approach to Preventing Rehospitalizations 10/17/2011 12:00:00 AM
At Genesis, we are serious about working with our referring hospitals to reduce unplanned transfers. As a result, we are taking a Lean Six Sigma approach to address this challenge. 

With our Lean Six Sigma approach - developed and implemented initially by a health care Master Black Belt - six Genesis Centers were enlisted to help us study, identify and validate actionable root causes to unplanned transfers within their own centers and company-wide. Facility leadership, physicians, and partnering hospitals worked together to solve the problem.

Throughout the study, we uncovered and validated numerous Improvement Themes, including recognition of changes in condition and communications as just two of the many root causes we found. 

Using the Lean Six Sigma Approach, many centers have already had significant success in reducing rehospitalizations. While we do not anticipate completing the Lean Six Sigma process with every center, the exciting news is that we have learned from our pilot centers and changes can be implemented across all of our centers in collaboration with our referring hospital partners. 

The following Centers have been Certified in Lean Six Sigma Performance Improvement:

Fairview Beth Pike
Harris Hill Center
Hillcrest Center
Liberty Court
Pleasant View Center
Ridgewood Center, NH