Making care something more.

As a premier care provider since 1985, Genesis HealthCare offers a variety of compassionate care services to patients and residents in our Centers, and their families. We employ nearly 80,000 people, each one dedicated to quality. Though numbers never tell the whole story, ours are growing. Genesis Healthcare includes: more than 400 Skilled Nursing Centers; Assisted/Senior Living Communities located in 28 states; and our Genesis Rehab Services division, which provides contract therapy to nearly 1,500 healthcare providers in 46 states.

We're committed to clinical excellence, and we're ranked among top providers for overall satisfaction and quality medical care according to national independent research.

What remains most remarkable about Genesis HealthCare is our ability to genuinely improve lives — and our people’s role in that improvement.

We Honor Veterans

Genesis HealthCare is proudly committed to those who have served in the United States Armed Forces. We believe and are dedicated to creating employment opportunities for individuals with a military background. The services we provide as an organization will offer our country’s veterans the opportunity to continue to make contributions resulting in remarkable outcomes as a civilian. With locations across the United States, Genesis offers a variety of career options for veterans and their families, as well as active military spouses.

Passionate People

Director of Clinical Recruitment explains how Genesis utilizes a unique perspective to approach recruitment; from what we strive for in the candidate experience, to what we look for in our prospective employees. Our industry is exciting and we’re proud of our employees who are willing to try and do different things, in line with honoring the Genesis Core Values.