Wayne Center
30 West Avenue
Wayne, PA 19087

610 688-3635
Very professional and caring
 "The staff and facilities at Wayne Center were top notch.  Everyone was very professional and caring as well as knowledgeable.  The staff are all very committed to their jobs and providing quality care to their patients.  The food was quite (surprisingly) good and well-received.  Thanks for your wonderful care."
Impressed with the attention I receive
"I am impressed by the attention I receive from the nurses and the people who help me in physical therapy.  I also enjoy the well-cooked food.  I am proud to have visitors here and proud of the friendly atmosphere; you get the impression that Wayne Center is as inviting as a Bed & Breakfast.  My doctors in the community were impressed by my progress after the first time I came here and happy to recommend the Wayne Center again.  This is my second time here and I continue to request the Wayne Center."
The transformation of my mother was amazing
"The transformation of my mother during the weeks she was with you was amazing.  When she was admitted I worried that she would never get back to comfortably living with us at home again.  I feared
for her future. Yet, she celebrated her 93rd birthday this weekend, vibrant and strong, at home with her family! 
The nursing care and therapies she received were wonderful.   Your staff members were compassionate, understanding and skilled in their work with the patients entrusted to their care.  The Wayne Center helped my mother heal and regain her strength and skills.   It was a place that gave her comfort and gave us optimism about the future.   She felt comfortable and “at home” during her convalescence, which certainly contributed to her recovery.   The kindness and competence of the nurses, doctors, nurses’ aides, therapists, dining service managers and chefs, receptionists, and countless other people who worked behind the scenes, was evident to me, because I spent so much time there.  Thank you for taking such good care of my mother and getting her back to living her life fully." 
Great overall care!
"I was at Wayne Center 10 years ago for rehab and chose to come here again after being hospitalized and requiring rehab, following a double procedure.  The Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy at Wayne Center are superb.  My interactions with staff here were great; Valentine (RN) and Yvette (CNA) are two of the most magnificent staff members on the nursing team.  Valentine is wonderful… she’s a “Johnny on the spot” and always helpful.  Yvette walks into a room, finds exactly what needs to be done, and takes care of everything; she has the skill set of a leader and she’s extremely kind.  All of the staff are lovely people and very helpful; they are careful and they follow the doctor’s orders.  The departments coordinate very well together to provide great overall care."
You will never find a better place!
"I love Wayne Center!!!  The staff there is second to none!  It is super clean!  I have had to go a rehab four times and I would never go to any other place.  Even though it is a hike from my home, my entire family agrees it is well worth the couple extra miles to visit.   If you need a place for your loved one to rehab, you will never find a better place!" 
Attentive, kind and professional
“My brother was at Wayne Center for three weeks.  The nurses and nursing assistants provided excellent care.  They were attentive, kind and professional.  He has special needs, and the staff were sensitive to this and our unique situation.  Social work provided great service to us as my brother transitioned back home, helping arrange services and items needed at home.  The kitchen staff was excellent and asked about my brother's likes, as he had just started a new diet.  Thank you to the staff at Wayne Center.  We are very appreciative for your hard work and care.”