Waldorf Center
4140 Old Washington Road
Waldorf, MD 20602

301 645-2813
"I drove 250 miles in order to visit with my mother who had been admitted to your facility for rehabilitation from hip surgery. I was very tired when I arrived at your building. Upon arrival your Nursing staff directed me to my mother's room. To my surprise my mother was awake and extremely happy. I asked my mother how she had been cared for and my mother had nothing but nice things to say. Your staff was friendly and engaging regarding my mother's care. At no time did I hear "I'm busy"; "can you wait"; it's not my resident." It was team work without complaints. Mother was clean and I never once smelled odors in her room or in the hallways. I want to thank you for everything you do for mother and without a doubt I know she is in the right place. Thank you for allowing me to leave Maryland without any worries. My heart was clear that she was placed in an outstanding facility. Please continue to do the jobs that you do with the personal touch I observed."