Victoria Commons
610 Townbank Road
North Cape May, NJ 08204

609 898-0044
Wonderful Care!

To: Krista, Executive Director

Dear Krista,

I have tried to type this letter a few times and was never able to finish.  There is so much I want to say about the staff at Victoria Commons and the wonderful care they gave my Aunt Ellen.  So, here I start once again!  We wanted Aunt Ellen to be safe but we also wanted to know that she would be taken care of in a loving environment.  Our wish for her was fulfilled at Victoria Commons.

Their kindness and compassion were shown every day in the care they gave Aunt Ellen.  From Olivia  brushing her hair and singing Christmas songs with her, Sandy getting her up to face the day, Icy always being there to offer support and give necessary information, Joel checking on her to make sure she was safe in her room and Chris offering the best suggestions to keep her where she was (which was what we wanted) but with extra help.  Then the fabulous Hospice people came into Aunt Ellen’s life!

Susan is someone you meet and instantly feel everything will be OK.  I knew after speaking with her that Aunt Ellen would be in good hands with gentle care.  Maria, Shawn, Sandy, and George took very good care of her along with the staff from Victoria Commons.  Aunt Ellen took a special liking to Maria!  Maria was with Aunt Ellen most of the days, so she knew her best.  After she passed away, Maria said to me “she was my friend”.

We were told that we could have a celebration of life at VC for Aunt Ellen.  This was so important to us because these were the people who had cared for her for so many years.  Carol and Miriam were great!  Carol did a CD which brought tears to everyone’s eyes and came in on her day off to make sure Aunt Ellen’s celebration went well.  I talked with Miriam many times in the last week of Aunt Ellen’s life.  It was a comfort to have her there then and on Sunday for the celebration

I admire the efforts made by everyone.  It takes a special kind of person to do that job.  When I needed information, I got it.  When I needed support, I got it.  When I needed a hug, I got it! (many, many, many)

I am so very grateful to everyone not only for taking good care of Aunt Ellen, but for having the privilege of knowing such a fine group of kind and compassionate people!

Fondly, Maryanne F. Loriello and Family