Troy Center
512 Crescent Drive
Troy , OH 45373-2718

937 335-7161
Caring, Interested, and Helpful

First of all I would like to say that everyone I have dealt with from the social workers to the nurses at the Troy Center has been a caring, interested, and helpful individual. They say their piece, let you ask questions, and they LISTEN. Wow! I am so relieved to find that nursing homes have taken a quantum leap forward from what I remember as a child, and that things at the Troy Center are even a leap ahead of the other modern facilities I have been involved with.

Mother's cast came off her broken left wrist/arm a couple of weeks ago. They have been having trouble getting her to use it and of course, she is left-handed. While we talked at the conference the OT therapist had a thought that maybe she could use mother's love of chocolate to get her using that hand. Then Beth and I suggested perhaps music would be another way. After the meeting ended they took mother to therapy. Beth and I followed behind and - guess what? Mother was unwrapping the chocolates and thoroughly enjoying them! The therapists then moved her to a room with a piano, and as Beth and I were leaving, we could hear notes of music coming from the room. Give that a second Wow!

- Marla F.​

Clean Rooms & Food is Good
This is my second time being at Genesis Troy Center. They make you feel very safe and welcome. I love the nice clean rooms and the food is good. If it wasn’t for the therapy and the staff at Troy Center, I wouldn’t have walked again. So I appreciate everything they have done for me. If I had to go any facility to live on a permanent basis, I would choose Troy Center. My family loves it as well; they wouldn’t let me go anywhere else.

- Marilyn A.
The Care is Awesome!
I was in the hospital and my family was being pushed to find a place for rehabilitation. They chose one and it did not work out and I did not feel safe. We then chose Troy Center. It is known for the Rehabilitation, but the center is so much more. The care is awesome! The Nursing staff, the Therapist, Dietary and Housekeeping all work as a team to make you feel safe and welcome.  They treat you and your family like one of a big family group- they even gave my father birthday cards.

- Deborah P.
Amazing Care and Dedication
I have been at Troy Center 3 times in the past. Each time the care and the dedication of the staff has been amazing. It would be hard for them to shine any more than they already do. I have been to other facilities for rehabilitation and they simply do not compare to Troy Center.

- Gaicomo S.​
You Are All Angels
I would like to thank the entire staff at Genesis HealthCare, Troy Center for the care you have given me. Not only do you give your all, you give more- I can tell it's not just a job, and that you really do care. From the nursing staff to Physical Therapy, you are all angels. I don't think anyone knows how much work and care you all give, but I DO! I thank you for everything you do, not only for me but everyone here.

-Barbara M.​
Kind, Caring and Professional
I wanted to thank you all for the help you gave Mom and I when she needed short-term rehabilitation. After surgery, she was too well to remain in the hospital, but not well enough to go directly home. Her stay at Genesis Troy Center what just what she needed. After checking several similar rehabilitation facilities, Genesis jumped straight to the top of the list. Mom was amazed at the large, beautiful room she had here. We were both impressed with the Physical/Occupational therapy she received.

Everyone that worked with her was kind, caring and professional. I appreciated the frequent care team meeting we had. That enabled both Mom and I to follow her progress and was a great inspiration on her road to recovery.

I recommend Genesis to anyone who finds themselves needing short-term rehabilitation. 

- Connie K.​
Treated Like Family
A year ago in April, I had a family member who needed a rehabilitation center- she had fell and broke her hip and leg. She had a lot of problems with her health and we really thought we would lose her. Troy Center worked with her and us and in September, she was able to go back home! Shortly after that, I needed a knee replacement and I came to Troy Center as well. You see, Troy Center became family to us and I could not have felt more at home going anywhere else. The food is good and the rooms are clean. There aren't enough good words to describe the staff. They do everything they can for your family. I would like to add that a few years back, my brother was here and received the same level of care and attention. Troy Center is home to my family and I.