The Reservoir
1 Emily Way
West Hartford , CT 06107-3136

860 561-7022

I arrived at the Reservoir October the ninth after hip replacement surgery.  I’m very pleased to say that during my stay the staff greeted me and got me settled in for what was to be some intense Physical therapy.

The nursing staff including the nursing assistants was very professional and helped me with everything I was unable to do. They were also very personable which made me felt at home.

The Physical therapy department informed me of what to expect during my sessions as well as what I needed to do in order to recuperate in a few weeks. Occupational therapy taught me what I couldn’t do so as not to hurt myself and put my hip out of place.

While at the “Reservoir” I ate well.  The quality of the food was good and I especially liked that I was given the choice of what I would like to eat. “I ate every meal.”  The beauty parlor was another amenity I enjoyed. I was able to get a body wave and was very pleased.

Housekeeping was done each and every day. The room/ hallways were always clean.

I would most certainly recommend the Reservoir to everyone I know who is looking for a facility to recover. This is a QUALITY PLACE.


Mrs. S., A Former Patient