Spa Creek Center
35 Milkshake Lane
Annapolis, MD 21403

410 269-5100

Our Leadership Team

Neema Simms
Admissions Director

Neema became the Director of Admissions of Spa Creek Center in January 2010. She has been with Spa Creek Center for 17 years in various positions. She has been awarded Employee of The Year three times in three different positions. Neema's commitment to the Genesis Core Values helps every patient, resident, family member, co-worker, and her community to reach their fullest potential.

Randi Sue Miller
Guest Services Director

Randi has been with Spa Creek Center for 17 years; starting as the Director of Recreation, moving to Progression Unit Director and now the Guest Services Director. Randi's background is in Therapeutic Recreation and Gerontology and she has a strong skill set in customer service. Guest Services  offers an array of services and programs that the staff executes to make sure that each of our guest's have an experience that is comfortable and encourages them to  reach their fullest potential medically, physically and socially.