Sedgewood Commons
22 Northbrook Drive
Falmouth, ME 04105

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Providing the best care possible
At Sedgewood my experience has been so different. Instantly I have been surrounded by likeminded professionals with a clear focus--providing the best care possible for one of the people I cherish the most. I cannot tell you the depth of relief I feel. I am no longer alone doing all of the work, but instead feel like I am a respected team member--of a team who cares about mom, about me and about each other. What a gift you all have been. Thank you from the depth of my heart. ~ Wendy B., Family Member
I am so thankful
Dear Joyce,
Dad's visit with his newest great grandchild was very successful.  Dad always did love wee babes....a man far ahead of his time.  While I don't think he understood the exact connection, he loved touching, looking at, and cooing at our sweet little William.  And now, one day, I can share with Will the pictures of him with his wonderful great grandpa, and know that they were together once.  I am so thankful that dad is in a place that also cares for the families...this meant so very much to me.  And please pass on my gratitude to anyone who helped to make this happen.

Laurie Malcolm
"I am impressed with the staff  at Sedgewood Commons. Not only are they innovative and flexible, they keep there focus on the person." -- Dr. Laurel Coleman, Maine Medical Center Geriatric Center.  

" In my relationship with Sedgewood Commons they have never refused a resident because they were intimidated by their physical or social needs. When bringing my clients there, I am always impressed by the comfort that Sedgewood gives to families through their competence and experience with Dementia care. Sedgewood Commons in unique in their true commitment to education and compassion for families affected by dementia as well as care for their residents." -- Lynn H. Peel, President and Senior Care Consultant, Beach Glass Transitions.    

"Sedgewood Commons is by far the best organization, healthcare facility, and dementia care out there. It is a place of pleasantries and thank god we have people like you to take care of our loved one's with such love and compassion." -- Family member of a resident.

" You all are the best. I wish we had considered placing mom there 6 years ago when we first started our journey. I can't say thank you enough for all that you have done for her and for us." Scott R.