Salmon Brook Center
72 Salmon Brook Drive
Glastonbury, CT 06033

860 633-5244
Robert, a 42 year old man came to Salmon Brook Center following a lumbar laminetomy - removal of a piece of bone from the lower back which frees up nerve space. Having had 5 surgeries on his back, he became immobile after the last one. Knowing he would need additional nursing and rehabilitative services, Robert inquired about facilities and heard great things about Salmon Brook. Upon arriving at Salmon Brook, Robert was unable to walk or get out of bed, requiring assistance to sit at the edge of the bed. By the time Robert was ready for discharge he was able to climb stairs and walk on his own with a walker. Roberts remarks about Salmon Brook, "overall stay was excellent! My legs are stronger- I am more confident now! I received really good therapy here, they pushed me".