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An Amazing Recovery!
The staff at Rose View Center became a catapult for an amazing recovery as demonstrated by David who resided with us a little over 2 years. David came to us with hydrocephalus and encephalitis, a heart valve replacement, and neck surgery.
David’s future looked very grim when he initially arrived here. He had a feeding tube and couldn’t walk, or communicate his needs. He was totally dependent on the staff for everything.
Physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy assisted him throughout all the stages of rehab. David was a great self-motivator and has a burning desire to get better and go home. David lifted weights, work on balance, and over time, his activities of daily living improved. His motto was “Practice ,Practice, Practice.”
Throughout his rehab his speech therapist “taught me words and now I’m talking.” David is now transferring independently and walking independently. He was discharged to a local personal care home where he is now traveling up and down stairs and doing his own laundry. We miss David, but are so proud of him and all he overcame here at the Center. He is a true example of a positive outcome.