Regis Woods
4604 Lowe Road
Louisville , KY 40220-1514

502 451-1401
Care and love
Thank you very much for taking good care of my mom while she was here for rehab. The care and love from your staff have made the difference in her recovery. She really loves your staff. If my mom has another knee replacement, she definitely will come to your facility.
My stay at Regis Woods
As I'm sitting here thinking of what to say, I am capturing a lot of memories. First of all, I want to thank my Lord Jesus Christ for all he has done for me. Last July 2016, I had spine surgery and after that I couldn't walk so I went to a nursing home for rehab to learn how to walk again. I did okay there until I got a pressure ulcer on my back. I went to the hospital and I couldn't walk again. My daughter, then, brought me to Regis Woods. I had lost a lot of weight. I could not walk, talk or move; I lost my muscles after lying in bed for some time after having about seven surgeries. God bless my therapists at Regis Woods. I didn't want to do therapy at first; I was very weak, depressed, stubborn, and angry with myself. I was the minute man; every time they tried to get me to do something I would always say "wait a minute." Boy did they break me from that. We did a lot of different exercises.
 I had a lot of good nurses and aides too, but the best is the therapy. I gained my weight and strength back, and now I can do most anything; I have a positive attitude now; I love my therapists and thanks to them for working with me. I want to thank all the staff for helping me.  Also, I love all my friends that I have at Regis Woods too.
I tell ya, It's been a long journey but I made it. Thanks to Jesus and my therapists. I am going to miss everyone so much it hurts but I will come to visit. I love the people at Regis Woods very much.
Rehab is great!
Everything was good here. People are nice and the rehab is great!
Dignity and compassion
My dad's rehab and therapy experience was so helpful to his recovery. He was treated with dignity and compassion. Thank you!
Awesome care
I want to thank my nurses who took awesome care of me. The stay here was great! I want to thank all of you for what you did for me.
Good care of friend
Thank you to all staff at Regis Woods! My friend was in bad shape when he came here and now he is doing great! Keep up the good work everyone, and thank you for taking such good care of my friend. I was always worried about where I would go if I needed long-term care, but now I am not so worried because I know I would be in good hands here.
Like a family
I've been in four different rehabs and this is the best by far. It's more like a family here; the people are so nice and truly care about you. I'm happy to go home but, in a way, I am not because I love it here. I will be back to visit and volunteer.
Thank you!
"I know my mother was only here a few days, but she loved it and you guys made a great impact. I stopped by to say thanks and drop off some flowers."
Extremely pleased
"The difference in care with you all and the other facility is night and day. I am extremely pleased with therapy especially because he receives it on the weekend too. The quality of therapy is also better. You all have more staff, and I finally feel like he is in good hands."
Poem 2 - Written by a Resident
To us all, you are a special gift,
Every day, you should know, our spirits you lift.
We appreciate all you nurses do,
Every day and night, you see us through.
We know your job is never ending,
Please look at the great message you’re sending.
You’re sending a message of hope, faith, and love,
It’s your special gift, from God above.
The love you give, we so much appreciate,
We feel it’s spiritual, make no mistake.
You lift us up, when we’re down and out,
I’m glad you all know, what love’s about.
To our nursing staff, we give you an ‘A,’
You show love to us each and every day.
Sometimes you see us with tears in our eye,
But you’re always there to hear our cries.
The love Regis Woods gives, we are so blessed,
Keep trusting our God and he’ll do the rest.
Just always know you mean the world to us,
Your love is so true, honest, and just.
We wish so many others could follow your example,
Know the meaning of love, and give all a sample.
Don’t ever stop doing the things you do,
‘Cause, you should know, we’ll always love you.
Poem 1 - Written by a Resident
Our nurses to us are our pride and joy,
Showing patience and love is what they do.
I am so glad, and I really enjoy,
Knowing they love us, and are there for you.
The things they do is so understanding,
They give us hope that is so demanding.
They take pride in their job and are so great,
They do good things we appreciate.
When we feel our backs against the rope,
They are there for us to give us hope.
Sometimes we feel we are so alone,
They show up, just to keep us strong.
God has blessed us with people like you,
Just as sure as the sky is blue.
I want to tell you, you are the best,
Just trust in my God and he’ll do the rest.
Don’t ever feel you are down and out,
Keep showing your love is what it’s all about.
We all respect you in a very special way,
Your love rubs off on us every day.
All you nurses’ have a special gift,
Our spirits and hopes, you always lift.
We’ll always love you with our hearts and soul,
And in our minds, you’ll never grow old.
1000% better
My stay went extremely well. I am 1000% better than when I first arrived. All is well.