Multi-Medical Center
7700 York Road
Towson, MD 21204

410 821-5500
"Dear Multi-Medical Center,  
Where do I begin?  Well, it never hurts to start with a "Thank You." This letter is hopefully just one of the ways I can say "Thank You" to you and your team. "Team Multi-Medical" was nothing short of amazing during my dad's time at Multi-Med, back in January of 2011. The amazing care your team showed in: feeding, cleaning, listening, lifting, turning and caring...more than met expectations.  Watching your team and seeing how things are done, served us well as a family for when we took dad home.  We picked up lots of tips and tricks in our transition from rehabilitation to home.   Hospitals don't always have the best beds, best food or best equipment.  But the right people can make a patient forget all that.  The difference between a good and a great experience, in any part of life, is people.  Your team has Great People!  Please let your group know that all the extra care did not go unnoticed.  Genesis HealthCare should be proud to have such great people working for them.  The success of the organization is built on the solid foundation that its people provide.  "Team Multi-Medical" is more than solid!"