Morris Hills Center
77 Madison Avenue
Morristown, NJ 07960

973 540-9800

“I came to Morris Hills Center after a nearly fatal car crash and long hospitalization. I had a follow-up stay at another sub-acute rehab facility where my condition further deteriorated because of Stage 4 skin ulcers that developed while there. After a second hospital stay, and much research, I decided to go to Morris Hills. What a difference Morris Hills has made to my progress. Not only was my private room beautiful and comfortable, but most importantly my Wound Care Nurses cared for my wounds with great success and always treated me like a family member.  My Certified Nursing Aids were superb and always treated me with kindness and respect. I thank god, everyday, that I decided to come to Morris Hills Center.”

 – Mr. J.


 “When I came to Morris Hills Center, I thought I was on deaths’ door. I was recovering from surgery for Uterine Cancer, had a Urinary Tract Infection, staff infection, and blood clot. I was receiving medication through a line implanted in my neck. Coming to Morris Hills Center has been like a stay at the Holiday Inn – I’ve been treated like a queen. My care has been second to none. I have never heard a bad word, or even had a bad meal. My recreational aide even helped give me a manicure! I will be going home soon because of the care I received at Morris Hills. Thank you.” – Ms. M.


“I’ve been a patient at Morris Hills Center a few times for various needs. The Rehabilitation Department has a family atmosphere and it’s clear that therapists readily help each other to get the best outcomes for their patients. My therapist was always there to encourage me when I needed it and those efforts really paid off. I am in such good shape now that I am able to walk up more than 13 stairs to my bedroom at home without tiring or shortness of breath. I must give kudos to Food Service; you make the best soup in New Jersey! And finally, what a transformation on the new, all-private, 5th floor ShortStay Unit; I saw the before and after, and Morris Hills is now definitely first class.” – Ms. D