Mifflin Court
450 East Philadelphia Avenue,
Shillington, PA 19607

610 796-1600
Comfortable and Confident

"As a long-distance caregiver, it is imperative that I trust and respect the staff giving my elderly relatives the day-to-day attention that they need.

At Mifflin Court, from day one (over a year ago), I have felt comfortable and confident that my loved ones are receiving assistance and guidance in a kind and respectful manner. 

The staff, especially the medical workers, is always responsive to my questions and concerns.  They know the medical background of my loved one and are quick to pick up on potential problems.  They are understanding and calm and take the time to explain to my aunt exactly what is happening, and the course of action to be taken.  It helps to keep her anxiety level at a low level, which I greatly appreciate."

Support and Expertise
"We want you to know how much we have appreciated all your support and expertise throughout this stressful time in our lives. Your work is truly a gift to people in need. Everyone at Mifflin Court has been a positive joy and comfort to deal with. We thank you for all your support!"