Marshwood Center
33 Roger Street
Lewiston, ME 04240

207 784-0108
I enjoyed everything
“While here at Marshwood it was tough, but I enjoyed everything. Some of the things I had to do were hard, but everybody is so kind and understanding. Thanks for everything, love to all of you.”

- ShortStay Rehabilitation patient  
Your Therapy Staff is excellent
"Your Therapy Staff is excellent."  "I am so amazed at the progress I achieved with their help."
 - Anita H. (former TCU patient)
Feels like home
"I don't want to leave. It feels like home here."

- Dexter F. (former TCU patient)​
Everyone is sweet, kind and gentle
"I have been here three times and it is a lovely place. Everyone is sweet, kind and gentle. I give Marshwood high praise. I have been given choices to go to other places, but I always choose here."

- Leona K.​ (former TCU patient)
Caring hands around the clock
"Having visited my wife during each of the shifts, I know she is in caring hands around the clock, and this gives me tremendous peace of mind.  I am finally getting a good night’s sleep at home- something which hasn’t happened in a good long while.” 

- Max A. (spouse of Marshwood Center resident)
Definitely recommend
"We would definitely recommend Marshwood Center to anyone who needs rehabilitation care.  You have a great set-up and the rooms have a home-like feel."
-  Larry B. (former TCU patient)
Back to independent living!

“I liked it at Marshwood very much”.  “If I had to go to rehab again, I would CHOOSE Marshwood. The rehab team there got me strong enough to go back to independent living.”

Lucia G. (former Skilled patient)