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Return to an active lifestyle
Hank was admitted to Marietta Center after being hospitalized for a drop in his sodium levels which left him weak, fatigued and in severe pain. Hank had enjoyed an active lifestyle of cooking, shopping and going out with friends and was at a loss with what was happening. His desire to return to that lifestyle is what helped propel him back onto his feet. “Hank had great motivation and was willing to be put to the test every day,” said his therapy team. After just two short weeks of physical and occupational therapy to build his stamina, Hank was able to return home. “He is able to walk in the facility as well as outdoors without difficulty,” reports his therapy team. “He no longer reports pain and is able to … make meals and go on outings with friends.”
Left with a renewed motivation
When Paula transferred to Genesis Marietta Center, her health had declined to the point that she was considering hospice care. Having been at Marietta Center previously, the staff knew that Paula was capable of turning things around because they had witnessed her prior success. “Paula is such an inspiration to us all. No matter what comes her way, she overcomes!” said Jana Joseph, a PTA with Genesis Rehab Services. And overcome, she did! Paula came in requiring maximum to dependent assistance with her mobility and transfers but left Marietta Center with a renewed motivation and the ability to perform independently. “You girls have given me hope,” Paula said. “I know I can do anything!”
In less than three weeks, Paula was able to return home with a home exercise program that would help her maintain what she had accomplished while at Marietta Center. “She couldn’t have done it without you,” said her family.
Love and care

Hello! I just wanted to thank the staff of this (Lafayette) unit and therapy for their kindness, love and care. This was my first rodeo at a rehab place, but it was a good one. Thank you all for your care. God Bless!
-Patty S.