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Dr. John Bocachica
Dr. John Bocachica

Dr. John Bocachica, a Dermatologist from Alaska, recently had his knee replaced at Dartmouth Hitchcock and came to Lebanon Center, Genesis HealthCare, for his post-replacement rehabilitation. He states that his experience at Lebanon Center was “Excellent” and that he could not have recovered without his Rehabilitation Team and nursing care. In appreciation, Dr. Bocachica and his wife Jocelyn, donated a framed piece of artwork to the Rehabilitation Department of a Bowhead whale with calf, with two whale baleen plates from Alaska. Baleen whales are edentulous and the baleen plates filter food from the water for these whales rather than teeth.  Dr. Bocachica is pictured here with therapist Bob Wilson and Melissa Suckling, OTR, Program Manager, and his wife Jocelyn.