Kimberly Hall South
One Emerson Drive
Windsor, CT 06095

860 688-6443
I'd stay another couple of weeks!
"The other facility wasn't that great, but here I love it! If I could afford it I'd stay another couple of weeks. If I'd went home straight from the hospital, I'd end up back at the hospital within a week. Mentally I wanted to go home but physically I knew I couldn't and shouldn't. Everything I learned in rehabilitation I will use at home, especially to stop when I need to take a rest."
-Edward A.​
The pulmonary program is very good here
"The pulmonary program is very good here. I've been at others before and this is the best one because it offers an actual pulmonary program with the intensity of rehabilitation with the therapists. It was 100% better for me coming to rehab, as opposed to going directly home from the hospital. It's not the same quality of services provided. It's just not comparable. I learned better breathing techniques and am using these at home."
-David S.​