Kent Regency
660 Commonwealth Ave.
Warwick, RI 02886

401 739-4241
" I believe that I have met my expectations in physical therapy and my own personal goals.  Your physical therapy department far exceeded my expectation and I would recommend your facility to all.  I would also like to thank al of your staff; each played a vital role in my recovery. We shared laughter while also staying committed to my goals of therapy.  Your staff was wonderful to me, from house keeping to the Administrator, Stella Moran, all have assisted in my recovery.  Thank you."

"The food was very good.  It's unfortunate that we all had to come together this way but I couldn't have been more comfortable in any other place.  The staff is great.  I just felt so accepted.  To all, a Thank You."

"Be proud of your therapy department.  I have worked with people all of my life.  Here everyone shares the work the same.  Sometimes you cannot please all the people, all the time but here you do.  If I had to come back for another surgery, I would feel proud and welcome here.  Thanks for everything." -  Robert B.