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Our Leadership Team

Brian Chapman
Regional Executive Director

Brian is a West Virginia native and a graduate of Marshal University with a Masters Degree in Health Care Administration.  His journey with Genesis began in 2003 as an Administrator in training at Valley Center in Charleston WV.  Since then, Brian has served as the Administrator of Raleigh Center, Hilltop Center, Salisbury Center and Hidden Valley Center. During his tenure at Hidden Valley Center he was promoted to the Regional Executive Director. In 2016, Hilltop Center was once again honored to have Brian return, as he is highly respected and appreciated for his excellent leadership skills. Brian is happily married and a proud father of 4 boys. Brian loves being their role model and spends quality time with them as he participates and encourages their participation in sports.

Michelle Nutter, RN
Center Nurse Executive

Michelle started in nursing with her focus on geriatrics as she has always felt compassionate about the nurturing care the elderly need. She completed her B.S.N. in 2002 and shortly after she came on board with Genesis in which she commends the company for continuing her education and providing her the tools that has molded her into a Long Term Care Nurse. Her vision is to utilize her knowledge and skills to lead and guide her staff to provide the best quality of care for our patients. Michelle is a very loving mother of 4 and enjoys the carpool and excitement that comes along with all their outdoor sports and adventures.

Hope Duncan
Director of Admissions

Hope Duncan is the Director of Admissions for Genesis Hilltop Center.  She began her career with Hilltop Center in 2016 as the Director of Guest Services.  Hope has dedicated the majority of her career advancing the missions of local and national non-profit organizations which cater to the elderly or those in need.  She has always had a passion for advocating for and helping those around her.  Hope is a native of southern West Virginia.  She graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School and continued her education through Mountain State University where she majored in Business Management and Organizational Leadership.  In her free time, Hope enjoys traveling the world, reading and collecting far too many books, and spending time with her growing family.

Mitzi Keaton
Rehabilitation Program Director

Mitzi has been employed at Hilltop Center since April of 2010 and has been with Genesis HealthCare since May of 2007. She graduated from West Virginia University in 2007 with a Master’s Degree in occupational therapy. She enjoys working with the residents at Hilltop Center and is committed to ensuring the highest level of care for the patients that she works with.  Mitzi enjoys reading and baking in her spare time.