Groton Regency
1145 Poquonnock Road
Groton, CT 06340

860 446-9960
Staff Was Great
"The staff was great. They could do 5 things blindfolded and do them right! The food was very good too."

-I. Bodnar​
Good Rehabilitation
"Rehabilitation was good and everyone was nice to me."

-R. Berdensey​
Wish I Could Stay
"I like it here. I wish I could stay! I was always treated with dignity and respect."

-L. Pixley​
Above & Beyond
"The Groton Regency staff went beyond the call of duty!"

-E. Mitchell​
Nice & Clean
"It's so nice and clean! I would recommend Groton Regency."

-F. Arnold​
"I never thought I would get this far! When I got here I was like Jell-o. I appreciated how everything was explained to me."

-B. Yovino​
Naturally Compassionate
"What they do comes naturally, working together compassionately."

-E. Lange​
I'll Be Back
"I will be back for my second knee. I guess that says it all."

-D. Shoenfelt​
Convenient & Kind
"I like it here. It is very convenient and everybody is very nice."

-W. Kriensen​