Dawnview Center
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Fort Ashby, WV 26719

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Letter of Appreciation

This is a letter of appreciation and thank you for the care in nursing and rehab therapy I received at Dawnview Center.

On Dec. 3rd, I had a total left hip replacement and needed to go to a rehab facility to recover and I really wanted to come to Dawnview.  I was so happy you had an opening for me.  It is close to my home and easy for my family and friends to visit.

The night I came to Dawnview, it was a rainy Friday Night.  It was late in the evening but the Center sent a nurse with the van and driver to pick me up at the hospital.  When I got to the Center, a nurse and aide got me settled in and even brought me some supper.  David Gainer, the Admissions Director, came to my room and helped me with all the paper work.  I really appreciated all of this. I was in pain and could hardly move.  I liked all of the kindness shown to me.

There are not enough words of praise for the physical and occupational therapy.  In one week, they had me walking continually with a walker.  I hadn’t been able to do this in over 2 years.  Gradually, they worked me up to a cane, and then up to the big one, free walk.  I was so pleased.  I hadn’t been able to do this in over 4 years.

Scott Bradfield, the Social Worker, and you, the Administrator, are very concerned about each resident, always checking if their needs are being met. All the staff, aides and residents will stop me in the hall and comment on how well I am doing, always being very positive.  I could have never managed at home alone after surgery.  I’m so glad I was able to come to Dawnview Center, and would recommend to anyone if they need to go to a rehab center, come to Dawnview.  Thank you again, for helping me restore my health and being able to go home and live a normal life.

Sincerely Yours,

L. K.

Thank You
"After two long years of trying to find an answer to my medical problem, I was finally successful at Johns Hopkins Neurology. Then after successful brain surgery, I was able to come home to Dawnview Center for therapy. About three weeks later, I was able to go home and to walk and care for myself.   All of this is due to a staff of dedicated therapists. Dawnview Center is a physical and occupational facility that not  only has a great staff, but is equiped to handle an outstanding number of ways to care for their residents. While I was a patient here, the nursing staff, the cleanliness, the food, were all commendable.  I am so pleased that I came here for my therapy."                        
-J.S. M.
Thank You Letter
While it is fresh on my mind, I decided a few comments regarding my stay at Dawnview for three weeks may be helpful to you and your staff.  I certainly appreciate the care I received at Dawnview, especially your Physical therapy Department. I chose Genesis HealthCare because of my position and experience at Hampshire Healthcare in Romney, WV four years ago.  When I completed my stay at your facility, I came out walking with a smile on my face!  At Dawnview, I was pleased with the team effort of the Administrator and staff.  The extra time they spent helping me with my diabetes included educational materials and personal talks with the nutrition and diet personnel. The nurses were especially thoughtful and considerate and I was impressed with their dedication to come to work despite the several snow storms.  I am continuing PT at my retirement home and doing great thanks to a strong start at Dawnview.  I would like to say thank you from my family for the easy transition and for the well-organized communication in dealing with all of your questions.  Sincerely, P.K.