Cromwell Center
8710 Emge Road
Baltimore, MD 21234

410 661-5955

Our Leadership Team

Bob Harris
Center Executive Director

Bob has been in long-term care operations for the last 35 years. During this time, Bob has held positions of: Administrator, Regional Director, RVP and Executive Administrator. Bob enjoys being directly involved with staff, patients and families.

Diane Michaud
Rehabilitation Program Director

Diane is the Senior Program Manager/COTA at Cromwell. She has been with Genesis for 14 years and a Manager at Cromwell since 2009. In two years the rehab staff has expanded from six employees to eleven. Cromwell is committed to providing customer focused, high quality rehab to all of our clients. Diane is focused on customer service the Rehabilitation Team believes that by working closely with guests towards their discharge goals, keeping patients informed of progress and setting goals that are realistic and meaningful we can successfully maximize a patients stay.