Country Village Center
91 Country Village Road
Lancaster, NH 03584

603 788-4735

"I want to take this opportunity to extend my profound and heartfelt thanks to you and your staff for the compassionate and very professional care you gave my 93 year old Dad, during his recent five week stay with you for rehab after his stroke.
I have long heard second hand of the legendary care you have given to various elderly friends in my church and community, but this was the first time I was able to witness it up close. From the moment my Dad arrived, your staff made him feel welcome and most efficiently took charge of his elaborate medications and many other personal requirements. I have great appreciation for this given the time and efforts both my wife, and our own care givers and I have had to give Dad here at home, who as you know is more or less completely immobile due to his long term Parkinsons disease. Its hard for me to imagine how you can apply this attention to some 86 residents simultaneously! However, that's exactly what you do!
As for the rehab program which was in particular directed to improving his speech and ability to eat on his own, that was beyond amazing. We all think he actually is now better off than he was before his stroke. This was further confirmed to me by the comments everyone outside the family made who stopped by to see him. I grew up visiting nursing homes from the very beginning of my life when I sometimes followed my Dad around on his late afternoon rounds to check up on his patients in various institutions in the Washington DC are. Even then and of course now as an architect working for various organizations including Northern Human Services, I have had a life long interest in envisioning the perfect environment for nursing facilities. Both my Dad and I agree yours is the closest to that ideal we have ever encounted. All of us and especially Dad himself extend our deepest thanks to your entire staff for all you did for him." Tim S., Jr   

"Just a few words to say Thank You to everyone on Notchway Rehab wing. Thank you for all that you did for me while in your care for four months. Each crew member played an important part in my recovery. Giving me courage to go on and making my life whole and at home again. The day shift and 3-11 shift I saw most of the time. The nurses were great and made me feel like a part of a family. This experience will be in my heart forever. The Rehab team worked hard to give me courage and compassion that I could do what I needed to when I went into the nursing home and I am now doing fine at home. The friendships and people I met I will be in touch with forever. The residents I will always remember God has followed me from beginning to end in the journey for my wellness. Thank you to the office help and the kitchen for making those great salads. This was a great home away from home. The greatest nurses I have ever encountered. Love to all! " - Shirley L.

"Thanks so much for the great care I was given while a patient at your facility. You were all so kind and understanding. It takes a special person to be a nurse and you showed me that speciality. Also the help from Dwayne in Admissions and Melissa in Social Services. You are certainly the right people in the right job. The Rehab group are a great bunch of people, also very helpful and caring. The cooks did a great job with my gluten free food, even to cookies and brownies! Love and Prayers to you all!" - Buzzy D.