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Really Enjoyed My Experience
Through upper and lower body workouts, I feel much more independent with toileting and walking. My therapists- Penny, Kim and Jill were great and I really enjoyed my experience at Caton Manor.

-Doris L.​
A Beneficial Experience
I had an overall positive experience while at Caton Manor. In comparison, I have been in other Rehab departments before this one and they had little equipment to use. This was a beneficial experience, very comprehensive and the people and environment were very motivating. I had a difficult time playing the Wii games, but got pretty good at it toward the end of my therapy.

To others, I would assure that the therapy staff won't hurt you and the exercises are for your own good. Overall, I made a lot of improvements with my legs. When I return home, I will be able to bike a lot now that the weather is getting warmer. I am more determined to keep active. With more leg strength, walking will be easier and I will be better at maintaining balance. 


James J.​
Back on track in no time at all!

I had a great experience with the Rehabilitation Department at Caton Manor. In fact, it was one of the best parts about my stay! It was fun and the team helped me get back on track in no time at all.

To begin, I received Physical Therapy (PT) and Occupational Therapy (OT) during my time at the center. While in therapy, I did the Omnicycle for both my legs and arms, weight lifts, streching with the bands, the ball toss, and most importantly, worked on my walking. The Omnicycle used the most exertion so I was usually pretty tired afterwards. Nevertheless, between that and doing steps, I found those two exercises the most rewarding- they helped me mentally and physically. As a result, I had more stamina and was able to get to where I needed to be.

Therapy definitely helped me to progress and it was a serious change from when I first arrived. At first, I didn't want to be here, but the staff was so helpful and enjoyable that our interactions were great. They got me back on my feet so quickly that I progressed from the wheel chair straight to walking... we skipped the cane part!

If anyone is having trouble, I would say, "Go to therapy." The Rehabilitation Team will pick you up, sit and talk with you, and even go beyond their duty to ensure you progress. I have seen it with the involvement of other patients and know that as long as you try, you will do well.

Thanks for everything,

Henry S.​

"I came to Caton Manor in July of 2009 I was hit by a car crossing ParkHeights Ave and Belvedere Ave in Baltimore City in January 2009. After I was hit by the car I was in  coma and life support at Sinai Hospital for a few Months. Once I woke up I was unable to do anything for myself. I left Sinai and came to Caton Manor to continue rehabilitation. The rehab team at Caton Manor started to work with me right away and before you know it I was makeing prograss fast they pushed me even on the days that I didn't want to go to rehab. Now I am able to do my AM care and move my own wheel chair, I can dress myself with assistance. I have also completed a  job training program so I can get a job once I go home. I will be returning home with my family in May. I am so grateful for everything Caton Manor has done for me."
Rehabilitation- Challenging at First, but Worth It!
To Caton Manor's Rehab Department:

Rehab was really good- it helped a lot since I first arrived. At the beginning it was very painful, but I was also very stubborn. I am just thankful I stuck with it because I definitely got better.
I worked with a great team of therapists- Kimberly, Alice, and Mama B (Mama Bear/Tracey). They were great in everything they did and while they were strict, they did it for good reasons... I really appreciated it.
Some of the activities we covered in PT were kickouts, knee squeezes, marching, ankle lifts, the Omnicycle, walking and steps. Walking and steps were the most difficult and challenging because they used my leg muscles the most! They were hard to start, but got easier as I progressed. On day one, I was only able to walk and climb a few steps, but was able to do 4-5 steps and walk the entire distance of the first floor hallway by Halloween.
Overall, it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed therapy. If anyone else is having a tough time, I would recommend to keep trying; it just gets easier as time goes on and will be worth it by the time you leave.

Thank You,
Kelly A.​